The Russian Orthodox Youth Committee received wonderful news of a new publication in Serbian of the sermons and articles  of Metropolitan Philaret (Voznesensky) on the  30th anniversary of his blessed repose. The  new book was published by the Rukumija Monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church with the title "A Voice Crying Out in the Wilderness.” This year marks the 30th anniversary of the repose of the First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

It is noteworthy that this monastery is located not far from Vvedensky Milkovo Monastery, which was the source of ten archpastors of the Russian Church Abroad, including St John (Maximovich).

For a short time we are enabling our readers who read Serbian to acquire this book directly from the Serbian monastery.

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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

This prayerbook, published by the Orthodox Youth Committee, aims to help users of this book to understand each and every word with which we address God, and thus fulfill Christ’s teaching on prayer, which He spoke in answer to His disciples’ request, “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11: 1). 
With such a goal, this prayerbook, with its bilingual texts, is offered to you so that not one iota of our prayer is lost. Prayer is our conversation with God - the conversation of creation with the Creator. The spiritual experiences of our pious ancestors irrefutably bear witness to the fact that our Lord hears the prayers of his faithful children. And it is for this reason that our faith that our prayers are being heard cannot be extinguished. 

The ever-memorable Metropolitan Philaret, the First hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, wrote in his introduction to the prayerbook, “Pray to God in the church, pray to God piously at home, with faith and devotion to the Lord’s will.”  St. Seraphim of Sarov said, with strong sincerity and understanding of man’s nature, the following about the importance of prayer, “Every good deed done for Christ’s sake imparts the grace of the Holy Spirit, but prayer imparts this grace more than anything else, because it is always in our hands as an implement for the acquisition of the Grace of the Holy Spirit.  As an example of this consider the following: Have you ever wished to go to church, but no church is close by or the service is finished; Have you ever wished to give alms to the poor, but there were no poor or you had nothing to give; Have you ever wished to preserve your virginity, but you have no strength to do this because of character, or because of the efforts of the enemy which we cannot oppose due to our human weaknesses; Have you wished to do any other good deed for Christ’s sake but again you have no strength or no opportunity presents itself.  Where prayer is concerned none of this is an issue.  Prayer is possible anytime for anyone - for the rich and the poor, the noble and simple, the strong and weak, the healthy and the ailing, the righteous and the sinner.”  See how great the meaning of prayer is and what effort the enemy of the human race takes to interrupt our conversation with our Lord and to thus distract us from the One we are addressing.  This is particularly evident in our times, when our prayer to the Lord is of such importance to each of us in this world.

The bilingual prayerbook, which you are holding in your hands will help us, in preparing to receive Holy Communion and in concentrating on the meaning of our supplications addressed to our Lord, the Mother of God and all the saints.

Gabriel, Archbishop of Montreal and Canada
Chairman of the Orthodox Youth Committee

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What is important to us was best stated by Professor I. Ili’n in 1949.

To be Russian means not only to speak Russian. To be Russian is to believe in Russia as all great people of Russia had, as all her geniuses and creators had. We, as Russian people, are called upon not only to know our homeland’s history, but to see in it the struggle of our nation for its distinctive spiritual image. We must comprehend in a new way - spiritually and religiously - the entire history of Russia’s culture. To believe in Russia means to see and acknowledge that her soul is rooted in God and that her history is a growth from these roots...

Prof. I.A.Il’in